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Q. What will I wear!?

A. The event is “semi-formal,” so feel free to dress your best. Anything you want to wear we are sure will be just fine. (The bride requests you refrain from wearing a wedding dress, but if that's really all you have to wear, she would prefer that instead of you going naked.)  


Q. Are kids welcome?
. The bride and groom love kids! However, due to capacity limitations, it would be helpful if childcare arrangements for children could be utilized (only if doable for you). (The wedding venue is also not the most child friendly environment. The ceremony and reception will feature real candles in a meticulously restored 1800’s historic building. It also has a koi pond that could be a tempting location to “practice walking on water like Jesus.”)


Q. Is there a gifts registry?
While there is no pressure to bring a gift, the bride and groom will accept all monies, precious metals, cars, homes, or 410Ks that you would like to present to them.

(Okay, seriously, they are registered at a combined registry composed of "Bed, Bath and Beyond" and "Amazon.com"). Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Q. Will there be dancing?

A. Bring your dancing shoes and show us your best moves! (If you don’t like dancing, don’t worry, we won’t force you out on the dance floor; enjoy sitting back and laughing at all the goofiness you see!)


Q. Will there be food?

A. Yes, a light dinner and dessert will be served. (You have to have energy to show off your dance moves!)


Q. What if I have a dietary restriction?
A. There will be a selection of items for the gluten and dairy sensitive. (If you are allergic to brussels sprouts, liver, turnips, beets, or legumes, than you are safe - we won’t be serving those.) 

Q. Anything else?
10% of any monetary gift we received will be donated to a cause around the world on behalf of the entire wedding guest.
P.S. Over 10% of the donations went to a non-profit doing work in Africa.