War Room Of Texas and Abroad Study Group
Did you see the movie? Didn’t see it yet, but interested in the movie? Saw it, and now ready for next steps?
About War Room The Movie:
“WAR ROOM clearly communicates that prayer works and greatly matters to God. It should greatly matter to us. In fact, prayer is how we connect with Him daily and should first engage in the important battles in life. Without prayer, people disengage spiritually and the Enemy prevails.” War Room Planning Guide, pg. 6
What: Elyssa and I recently saw the movie War Room. We were talking about how much powerful content is in the movie. We bumped into a few other people that said the same thing and that wish they could do a deeper study of it. So, we are organizing a study group for those that want to go deeper in prayer and see a greater breakthrough in their life. (You don’t need to have seen the movie to be part of a group.)
Who: Single adults, couples, or young adults
Where:  In the local Texas Hill Country Community, and/or an online group setting
Duration: Three to Six Weeks, 1 Evening